Internet of Things

IoT has gotten a bad rap for supposedly being THE NEXT BIG THING for a while without a huge impact in the consumer space. My personal opinion is that Amazon brought the IoT prophecy to fruition when they released the Echo (Alexa). Now that Google has released several versions of their competing product (and one for ~$50 as of this writing) I think that having connected devices in the home makes way more sense. I no longer need to program my thermostat, find my tv remote, or even grab my phone. I just tell my smart speaker to set my thermostat to vacation mode, turn on Netflix, or call Terry.
IoT outside the consumer space is a completely different story. It didn't take long for utility companies to see the benefit of a connected meter that could be read from a van driving down the street. Similarly, telematics solutions for commercial trucking (fleet tracking / management) have been around since everybody's phone was 3G. One of the coolest things I've seen in the IoT realm was back in early 2012 when Tesla Motors upgraded a prototype model S from a 400 Nm motor to a 600 Nm motor remotely one night during a winter test trip. This is just one example of how, with a connection to the internet, you can start selling software with almost any product - and that is a very good thing for your business.
Regardless of the application, every IoT project shares a few requirements. You must have a connection to the web, you must be cheap, and you usually must be small and low-power.

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