Embedded Software and Control Systems Development

An embedded system is at the heart of everything from a simple child's toy to your refrigerator to your car (if your car is relatively recent, it has dozens of them). They frequently, but not always, encounter a particular set of constraints that should always be on the mind of an embedded engineer: physically the space and weight should be minimized and electronically the same applies to power consumption. On top of all that, the number of units produced can number in the hundreds of thousands to many millions - which means that every penny you save on your cost-of-goods-sold is almost always well worth it.
As with the rest of the engineering field, this gives rise to a series of decisions that need to be made around design tradeoffs. Do we pack functionality into the software to minimize discrete components (and thus board space and weight)? Or do we pull real-time functionality out of the software into discrete components to ease our scheduling burden and processor / memory utilization? The answer is going to vary with every application. A phone or a smart utility meter will have vastly different requirements than your washing machine or a cruise ship's engine control system.
No matter what your project's application is or what stage of development you are in, Big 3 Innovations has the expertise you need to get your project done.

Embedded Software Services

Big 3 Innovations provides several embedded software services:

  • Device driver development
  • Device middleware development
  • Device application development
  • All levels of development include design, code, testing, and traceability linking
  • FPGA designs and testing in Verilog and VHDL
  • Software requirements, architecture, and detailed design development and reviews

Control Systems Services

Big 3 Innovations provides several services related to the development of embedded control systems:

  • Model development in Matlab/Simulink
  • Configuration of Matlab/Simulink for human-readable code generation
  • XiL testing and calibration using Matlab/Simulink and Vector's CANape
  • System ID and simulation in Matlab/Simulink
  • Control algorithm development for dynamic systems (standard PID to LQG and nonlinear estimators)

Custom Circuit Board Services

Big 3 Innovations works with preferred partners to offer:

  • PCB schematic and layout design and reviews
  • Small volume prototype boards

Let's Get to Work

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