Embedded Software and Control Systems Consulting

Robust embedded software designs are facilitated by a good software architecture. Good architecture and good software requirements come from a thorough system-level understanding of what your product must do. However, that doesn't mean design (and development and test) can't start until those higher level documents are done. What is important is that high-risk items are identified early on (high technical/project risk or high safety risk) and the rest of the design is built to be flexible around these components. Having a process that calls out a framework like this is extremely helpful in getting consistently robust designs built across your organization.
Any seasoned engineer will tell you that a good process alone will not get your project done. The execution of your processes on a project is just as critical as the processes themselves. The standard project management body of knowledge suggests some very useful tools to help with this - they even included some agile methods in their latest PMBOK Guide. But getting the most out of these, or any other project management tool is not always easy. Some industries must follow regulations concerning the development of a product. Usually this means using a top-down or V-Model development strategy, but there is some room for iterative methods in most cases. Whatever approach your organization takes, it's important to remember that the whole point of project management is to predict as many issues as you can, and then structure and execute your work so that the project succeeds despite those issues. Along the way you should use your resources efficiently, and keep your project stakeholders up-to-date on risks and get their buy-in on any changes to the project plan.
Whether it's educating your team, developing processes, or reviewing work that has already been done, Big 3 Innovations can help your team develop more robust designs.

Embedded Software Consulting Services

  • Software development processes
  • Software project management
  • Software requirements, architecture, and design reviews
  • Testing strategy and test automation
  • Coding standards

Control Systems Consulting Services

  • Modeling and simulation reviews
  • Control strategy reviews and tuning procedures
  • XiL testing strategy and automation

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