The industry has recently seen huge shifts not only in the type of features and services that are offered, but also in how software is developed and delivered. I saw the proliferation of automatic code generation tools, and over time I came to see a lot of benefits from it (even for folks like me that had a heavy software background). The code generation packages from Matlab and Simulink are great for a number of things - you can simulate your models and put them through a suite of tests long before you have any hardware ready. Not only that, but you can simulate whole physical systems WITH the code that is generated from your models. And all of this can be easily automated for instant regression testing.
Automotive software development has also come under increased regulatory scrutiny - everything gets a functional safety assessment and must follow ISO 26262 guidance on risk management. Any product sold in the developed world will have to go through some kind of risk-based evaluation - and automotive software and electronics are no different. In addition to functional safety, suppliers are under pressure from OEMs to follow some type of process driven development model (usually CMMI or ASPICE). Both models add overhead, but having been in organizations that use both I think they're worth it if they are managed reasonably.
As fas as delivering the software goes, my first experience was with flashing over a CAN bus (via CCP, either straight to the ECU or through the OBD port), but in recent years I've seen remote over-the-air (OTA) upgrades become more common - and not just for the center console / display ECUs. This has additional costs regarding the security of your system and the extra hardware, but it also enables the vehicle to stay up-to-date on software upgrades over time, including both bugfixes and safety / security patches. It's also an additional sales vector - features that your customer didn't select when purchasing the vehicle may be sold to them at a later date, and they don't even have to bring the car into the dealership.

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